Above image printed in the Lux 2018 publication.
Human activity harms the environment on an astonishing scale daily, yet policymakers and large corporations refuse to make the necessary changes to save the earth. We are seeing the evolutionary convergence of human interest and the interests of the planet as a whole. Failure to act now will have irreversible consequences. Convergence reflects on my generation's anxiety about the future compounded by feelings of futility in the face of grand-scale apathy. Despite good intentions, my personal efforts to lessen my carbon footprint often seem like a drop of water in a vast ocean. 
For this project, I collected all of the plastic bags I used in one month. These items of convenience are meant to be disposed of after use and took on a menacing, physical presence when accumulated in my own home. I realized the magnitude of my own choices and then felt overwhelmed when I multiplied that by seven billion. Every plastic bag matters. I felt like how I imagine the earth must feel: suffocated and dirty. Convergence is an exercise in accountability and a call to action.
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